There needs to be more body positive songs in pop culture and I think this is a great contribution. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THING.

this is rly cute


Holy shit this video is fucking adorable


I love this song but I think it’s so stupid that people get pissed because of the lyric skinny bitches. Yes she could of changed it but their missing the whole point of the song

I really like this, but I think the reason people get mad is because by saying “skinny bitches” and having the model in there, they kind of turned it into an underlying skinny shaming song, where it could have been really about loving yourself at any size, they decided to add those things in which did kind of make it about skinny shaming rather than body acceptance. But it’s a great song!

Our parents plant mental and emotional seeds in us—seeds that grow as we do. In some families, these are seeds of love, respect, and independence. But in many others, they are seeds of fear, obligation, or guilt.

—Susan Forward (via shogo-kawada)

(via psych-facts)